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1st album "Romanesco!" 

SIDE ONE (tracks 1 to 6)

Floating Out Pt.1: Out of the City/ Pt.2: Shoreline/ Would You Laugh

Would You Cry/ Any Colours You Like/ I Love Everything You Do/

She Weaves a Spell on Me

SIDE TWO (tracks 7 to 11)

Fireflies' Forest/ Kozmic Love/ Ice Cream/ Magic Booze/

A Flower in My Heart 

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Ken Miyajima - vocals, basses, mellotron, Hammond B-3, RMI piano, drums on Any Colours You Like

Susumu Sakurai - vocals and guitars

Yuki Suzuki - guitars

MEW - drums

The first album released on 29 November 2014 after the band's split. Romanesco had recorded this album from March to August 2013, however it didn't see the light of day during the band's active time. This album has a loose concept that it was recorded and released in imaginary 1969 on imaginary Atlantic Records. To reproduce the authentic sound, the band used vintage guitars, basses, amps, percussion, and even a mellotron and a Hammond organ. The music is heavily inspired by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Deep Purple.

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2nd album "Romanesco!!"

SIDE ONE (tracks 1 to 4)

Hidden Stars in the Sky Parts 1 and 2/ The Serenity/

The Next Page/ Somewhere in the Marmalade Skies

SIDE TWO (tracks 5 to 8)

My Kingdom/ The Syncopation/

Starchase/ Hidden Stars in the Sky Parts 3 and 4

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Ken Miyajima - vocals, basses, guitars, mellotron, moog, pianos and organs

Yutaro - guitars and vocals

Masuhiro Goto - drums, timpani and percussion

Susumu Sakurai - vocals on Somewhere in the Marmalade Skies

Toru Tabe - acoustic guitar on The Serenity

The second album released on 17 July 2019. After the release of the first album, Romanesco made an attempt on a reformation but it ended up only KEN MIYAJIMA, the founding member and YUTARO, new guitarist, singer and songwriter being left. They began working on new material in 2015 and more than 20 songs were written. Miyajima brought them together into 8 songs, started recording with his Kinzoku-Yebis bandmate MASUHIRO GOTO in 2018. Like the previous album, it also has the concept that it was recording in imaginary 1972. To get it more realistic, Ken wrote lyrics in English first (written ones in the sleeve), then Japanese one (sung ones). The band also updated their sound with use of synthesizers, mostly a minimoog. And they added more "prog rock flavour" to the music.


1st free sampler: I Love Everything You Do

SIDE ONE: I Love Everything You Do/ SIDE TWO: Fireflies' Forest

Limited edition. About 200 copies were distributed at venues. About 100 copies went with the second album Romanesco!! for its first run.

This free sampler preceded then-expected album Romanesco! in the summer of 2013. Both songs were early rough mixes which have some differences from the album versions.

Ken Miyajima's Other Works

Kinzoku Yebis 3rd album "Gordian Würm"

Dämmerung/ Gordian Würm/ Snow of Light/

Over the Wuthering Heights and Far Away/

Momijigari 2014, Parts III and IV/ Itaco/ The River

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Daichi Takagi - guitars, vocals, Manikin Electronic Memotron,

Multivox MX-450 pedal bass

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals, percussion, Memotron, KAOSS pad

Yousuke Tara - bass, fuzz bass

Kazuma Moroishi - drums

KEN MIYAJIMA - Hammond organ, Mellotron M400S, minimoog, ARP Soloist,

Hohner Clavinet D6, RMI 368X Electra-piano and Harpsichord

Ken Miyajima joined KINZOKU-YEBIS as the keyboardist replacing Mami Yamamoto in June 2013. Kinzoku-Yebis is a Japanese prog and hard/ doom rock band founded in 1996, they were inspired by King Crimson, Genesis, Black Sabbath and Ningen Isu. This album is the first album since their 2004 and second release Momijigari. Miyajima added his real tape mellotron and assorted vintage keyboards to their 1970s style heavy prog music. Also, they had new singer/ percussionist Hiromi Inamasu who totally improved their music. The album features a proggy cover version of YO IRIE's The River as well.

Kinzoku Yebis special album "Like Asura"

Like Asura/ Misshiri 2016/ Shinjuro (2015 Live, previously unreleased)/

Gordian Würm (2015 Live)/

Excerpts from "The Box Man" (2015 Live)

a) The Broken Commandment b) Misshiri

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Daichi Takagi - guitars, vocals, MX-450 pedal bass

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals, percussion

Yousuke Tara - bass

KEN MIYAJIMA - Hammond B-3, YAMAHA CP-70B piano, Rhodes Mk I, minimoog,

moog Taurus pedal bass, ARP Pro-Soloist, Mellotron M400S (on Studio tracks)

Hammond SK-2 and KORG R3 (on live tracks)

Like Asura is 20th anniversary compilation album released on 17 Feburuary 2016. The album has 2 new recorded studio tracks and 3 (or can be counted as 4) live tracks. It also features MASUHIRO GOTO, ex Ningen Isu drummer who joind the band in 2014 for the first time. The title track Like Asura is completely inspired by Anekdoten, a Swedish mellotron-heavy doom prog band. Kinzoku-Yebis were often described as "Japanese version of Anekdoten" in their early years. The track made it in purpose.

Masuhiro Goto 2nd solo album "INTENTION"

introduction/ UNCLE GEAR/ THAT/ interlude I/M.Y.N./ BLUE COSMOS/ interlude II/ August Song/ interlude III/ WHITE REFRAIN

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Masuhiro Goto - drums, percussion, composition, synth (track 2)

KEN MIYAJIMA - bass (tracks 2 and 5), keys, guitars, sound effects

Yousuke Tara - bass (tracks 6, 8 and 10)

Gaku Kosugi - lead guitars (tracks 2 and 10)

Yo Irie - vocals (tracks 3 and 8)

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals (tracks 5 and 8)

Daichi Takagi - lead guitar (track 3)

Hideki Kuritani - acoustic guitar (track 8)

Taijiro Endo - bass and guitars (track 3)

Takumi Kikuchi - guitars (track 6)

This is the first full-length album by Masuhiro Goto, produced by KEN MIYAJIMA and released on 25 October 2017. Goto did most of the composition and Miyajima helped a couple of songs. This album features all the members of Kinzoku Yebis including Yousuke Tara who had left the band in July of the same year. The music spans widely from rock to fusion and electro-prog, totally different from his current and previous acts like Kinzoku-Yebis, Ningen Isu, Gerard and Zunou Keisatsu (Brain Police).

Kinzoku Yebis Official Bootleg Vol. 1 "Live In The Heat"

Utage no Shitaku/ Gordian Wurm/ Snow of Light/

Like Asura/ Misshiri/ Itaco

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Daichi Takagi, Hiromi Inamasu, Yousuke Tara,

Masuhiro Goto and KEN MIYAJIMA

Kinzoku-Yebis' first official bootleg which features the live performance at Silver Elephant in July 2015. Ken Miyajima supervised the mastering session and designed the cover art with Hiromi Inamasu, using member's photos by Dai "Jumbo" Iimori. The album was released on the same day as Masuhiro Goto's INTENTION.

Kinzoku Yebis 4th album "Takeda-ke Metsubou"

Takeda-ke Metsubou (tracks 1-7)

a) Shimpujo/ b) The Fall of the Takeda Clan/ c) Katsura/ d) Katsuyori/

e) Naizen/ f) Tsutsujigasaki Castle/ g) Battle of Tenmokuzan

Another One/ Sinful/ Marquis Ohsawa Family/ Gettan-so Kitan

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Daichi Takagi - vocals, electric guitars, Shigeru Kawai SK-6 piano,

Memotron and Roland SE-2 on Katsuyori

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals, percussion

KEN MIYAJIMA - mellotron, SK-6 piano, Arturia MatrixBrute,

Hammond organ, clavinet, Rhodes piano, minimoog, ARP Pro-Soloist,

slide guitar on Another One

Masuhiro Goto - drums, gong, percussion

Hideki Kuritani - bass, classic and acoustic guitars

The fourth album of Kinzoku-Yebis released on 29 August 2018. The first seven tracks are a suite based on Jun Ito's debut novel of the same name and two tracks features his own lyrics. The suite also was intended to be Kinzoku-Yebis' version of Tarkus, so it spans 20 minute long and divided into 7 sections. "Imaginary" side two features 4 songs. Another One is a funk rock tune penned by Goto. Sinful is a kind of "doom-prog", Miyajima adds prog flavour while the rest of the band plays doom rock. It's followed by Miyajima's piano composition Marquis Ohsawa Family which he dislikes himself. Gettan-so Kitan is a 10 minute-long Pink Floyd-ish epic based on Yukio Mishima's short story of the same title.


xoxo (Kiss&Hug) EXTREME feat. Kinzoku Yebis mini album "Nucleus" 

Nucleus (xoxo(Kiss&Hug) EXTREME version)/

Nucleus (Kinzoku-Yebis version)/

Uso/ Iro no Nai Sekai (live version feat. Qui)/

Progressive Be-Bop (live version feat. Silent Of Nose Mischief)

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PERSONNEL on track 2

Daichi Takagi - guitars

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals

KEN MIYAJIMA - mellotron, clavinet, Hammond organ

Masuhiro Goto - drums

Hideki Kuritani - bass

xoxo (Kiss&Hug) EXTREME - backing vocals

Kinzoku-Yebis made a guest appearance on a mini album by xoxo (Kiss & Hug) EXTREME, a prog girl group who had already released a cover version of Magma's Last Seven Minutes. The band recorded their version of Anekdoten's Nucleus and it was made into two versions, one features the girls and the other does the band. These cover version was praised by Anekdoten themselves so much. The album also includes one unreleased song and two live tracks, all of which don't feature Kinzoku-Yebis.


Kinzoku Yebis upgraded 2nd album "Shin Momijigari" 

2004 STUDIO TRACKS (tracks 1-3)

Higan Sugi Made (2004)/ Ryouki Ranman (2004)/ Momijigari (2004)

2019 LIVE TRACKS (tracks 4 and 5)

Higan Sugi Made (2019 Studio Live)/ Momijigari (2019 Studio Live)

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Daichi Takagi - guitars, keys, vocals

Takaaki Oruga - tenor bass, backing vocals

Daijiro Ito - bass, backing vocals

Reira Inoue - drums, vocals


Daichi Takagi - guitars, Memotron (Harpsichord, SE), MX-450 pedal bass, vocals

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals, percussion

KEN MIYAJIMA - Hammond organ, minimoog, MatrixBrute,

mellotron samples from KORG and Roland

Masuhiro Goto - drums

Hideki Kuritani - bass

Shin Momijigari is a remastered version of 2004 album with 2 re-recorded tracks performed at band's favourite studio. Takagi had been frustrated with the original version of Momijigari because the song order is not what he intended and the sound was far from satisfaction. In early 2019 he found the original master of the album before the song order was changed by then-their label and he decided to remake it. 2019 version tunes were recorded after only one rehearsal and tracked down quickly by Ken Miyajima. The title was a pun of the film Shin Godzilla, so the cover art is a parody of the poster of it.


Orchestra Triptyque and Kinzoku Yebis "Festival Musicale Sakyo Komatsu" 

Godzilla (A. Ifukube)/ Uchujin Pipi (Tomita)/ ESPY (M. Hirao and Kensuke Kyo)/ Sayonara Jupiter (K. Haneda)/

Japan Sinks (the radio drama, M. Tanaka)/ Japan Sinks (the film, M. Sato)/

Japan Sinks (the TV series, K. Hirose)/

The Slaves of Los Maricos (S. Komatsu)/ Sakyo Komatsu's Viola

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Orchestra Triptyque

 the conductor - Keita Matsui

 the leader - Masahiro Miyake

 1st violins - Masahiro Miyake, Masato Taguchi, Reiko Kakinuma, Kei Sakoda,

 Manami Ogata, Minako, Kato

 2nd violins - Shungo Mise, Utako Naito, Yui Fujishiro, Takeru Chikenji, Hitoko Hoshino

 violas - Susumu Takahashi, Sayo Takimoto, Mayaka Kobori, Wakako Kamiyama

 violoncellos - Seiko Takemoto, Tsuneaki Matsumoto, Tae Shibui

 contrabasses - Naomi Hisatsune, Ai Ishii

 flute - Rie Mukai

 oboe - Yoko Ishizuka

 clarinet - Kazumi Miyamae

 saxophones - Saya Nakajima

 bassoon - Kie Miyabe

 horns - Fumiyuki Honda, Tomoyo Shoji

 trumpets - Hervé Vattan, Toshimitsu Iwanami, Shota Akimune, Naoki Kano

 trombones - Yasuyuki Yamamoto, Shigeki Todaka

 bass trombone - Masayosi Sabase

 tuba - Jun Miyanishi

 timpani - Rena Iwami

 percussion - Shuta Ikegami, Yui Inase

The band section

 Daichi Takagi - minimoog, Yamaha CS-15

 KEN MIYAJIMA - bass,choir

 Hideki Kuritani - guitars

 Ryotaro Shigemoto - drums

 Ayaka Takefuta - Electone, sampler

Hero Chorus (male choir) - Ichiro Negishi, Jun Kobayashi et al

Orchestral scoring - Takuya Imahori and Kazunori Yoshihara

On 30 November 2019, the three members of Kinzoku-Yebis made a guest appearance to an Orchestra Triptyque's soundtrack concert. Being multi instrumentalist, each member took different instrument from the usual duty in Kinzoku-Yebis. Takagi plays minimoog and Yamaha CS-15, Kuritani plays guitar and Miyajima is on bass. The band section were compensated by Ryotaro Shigemoto on drums and Ayaka Takefuta on keyboards.


Kinzoku Yebis 5th album "Kuroi Fukuin" (Black Gospel)

Recuerdos de la Azuchi/ Lucifer Stone (2020 Retake)/ Onigashima (2020 Retake)

Opening: Norowareta Chi no Shuuen/ The Fall of the Takeda Clan/

Gordian Würm/ Black Evangelium/ Sinful/ Semishigure/

Tsutsujigasaki Castle/ Another One/ Itaco

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Daichi Takagi - vocals, electric guitars, minimoog, Yamaha CS-15,

Memotron and Multivox MX-450 bass pedals

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals, percussion

KEN MIYAJIMA - mellotron, Arturia MatrixBrute, Hammond organ, clavinet,

KORG KRONOS 2, minimoog, walking bass on Lucifer Stone

Masuhiro Goto - drums, gong, percussion

Hideki Kuritani - bass and classic guitars

Takehiro Kojima - bass on Onigashima

Kuroi Fukuin is a compilation of 3 previously unreleased tracks and 9 live tracks take from a gig without audience. In total this album contains 6 new songs including new versions of old songs.


Damian Hamada's Creatures "Kyuyaku Makai Seisho Chapter I" (Old Testament in Hell )

Psalms/ Babel/ Heaven to Hell/ Running Like a Tiger

The Three Sacred Mirrors/ Lady into Devil/ Sacrifice of Love

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His Majesty Damian Hamada - composition, lyrics, arrangement

Sakura "Ciel" Ishadow: vocals

Daichi "Rasputin" Takagi - guitars

Hiromi "Rose" Inamasu - choir

KEN "Aleister" MIYAJIMA - bass, organ, synthesizers, mellotron, arrangement on Seiei

Masuhiro "Butler" Goto - drums, gong, percussion

Hideki "Gilles" Kuritani - guitars, bass on Babel

His Majesty Damian Hamada who founded Seikima II and left the band just before its debut, finally made a debut as a songwriter. As he didn't choose to play or sing unlike his indie-released solo album, the singer Sakura "Ciel" Ishadow and whole members of Kinzoku Yebis were chosen to perform. The music is based on hard rock and heavy metal from 1970s to 1980s but has some twist. The inspiration from clasical music, progressive rock, jazz, Latin music cam be found.


Damian Hamada's Creatures "Kyuyaku Makai Seisho Chapter II" (Old Testament in Hell )

Angel of Darkness/ Deepest Red/ The New Moon Minuet

Death and Venus/ The Advent of the Evil Princess:

Birth of Death, Death of Birth/ Which Do You Like?

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His Majesty Damian Hamada - composition, lyrics, arrangement

Sakura "Ciel" Ishadow: vocals

Daichi "Rasputin" Takagi - guitars

Hiromi "Rose" Inamasu - choir

KEN "Aleister" MIYAJIMA - bass, organ, synthesizers, mellotron

Masuhiro "Butler" Goto - drums, gong, percussion

Hideki "Gilles" Kuritani - guitars, bass on Makoujo Kourin and Which Do You Like?

This album is the chapter II of Old Testament in Hell. As H.M. Damian Hamada claimed the album should contain karaoke tracks, Old Testament in Hell was divided into two albums which are to be released separately. The chapter II somehow has more "prog-ish" tunes compared to the chapter I. Miyajima plays lots of mellotron on this one, a passionate organ solo as well.


Shingo Suda "Ramune Jidai" (Age of Lemonade )

André Pop/ When the Sky is Gone/ The Paper Plane Song/ Hyannis/

In the Shade of Schoolhouse/ Einstein/ Days of Lemonade/ Currency/

Parade/ Water Colour Siesta/ Light of the Dawn/ In the Woods/

Summer Slumber/The drifting/ Mermaid as a Boy/ In the Woods (Epilogue)

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Shingo Suda - vocals

KEN MIYAJIMA - guitars, bass, pianos, organs, mellotron, synths,

harmony vocals

Ryotaro Shigemoto - drums, percussion

Daichi Takagi - synthesizers, accessory, guitar solos on tracks 11 and 13

Hideki Kuritani - guitars, ukulele on tracks 13 and 15

Kazumi Suzuki - flute on tracks 12 and 16

Hideyuki Kinoshita - guitar solos on track 7

Edward L. Holland - finger snaps on track 4

There was much chemistry. A poet and singer songwriter Shingo Suda Suddenly sent Miyajima his 15 demo songs. As soon as Miyajima listened to them, he offered Suda the production of the album. Suda's music meshed Miyajima's music far better than expected, so, it can be said it's Romanesco's third album as well as Suda's first solo album. Suda and Miyajima have been friends for a long time, but haven't seen each other face to face for one and half decades. They finally saw again when the shooting for the promotional video took place. Anyway, except drums and guest appearance, Miyajima did almost all the instrument and backing vocals, including guitars, bass, keys and mellotron. Since both are heavily inspired by early Pink Floyd and King Crimson, this album has kind of progressive rock flavour, but it's basically art-rock-ish pop songs.


Kinzoku Yebis Official Bootleg Vol.2 "The Great Leap Forward"  (キンゾク20年の大躍進ライヴ)

Prologue by Masahiro "Starless" Takashima/ Like Asura/ Onigashima/

Snow of Light/ Shinjuro/ Higan Sugi Made/ Gordian Würm

Hakootoko a) In the Beginning/ b) The Broken Commandment

c) Misshiri/ ​Itako/ Breadfan (Japanese version by Ningen Isu)

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Daichi Takagi - guitars, vocals, syntheseizers, Memotron

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals, percussion, Taishogoto, additional keyboards

KEN MIYAJIMA - organ, mellotron, minimoog, ARP Pro-Soloist, keyboards

Masuhiro Goto - drums, scream, trumpet, percussion

Yousuke Tara - Bass

A live recording of Kinzoku-Yebis' 20th anniversary concert. At that time, the band still had "vintage-prog rock" style unlike now that band focus more on the mixture of kayokyoku and hard rock. Miyajima brought his mellotron M400S for the first time since he joined the band. The setlist spans from an earliest tune Onigashima to then-latest Like Asura played by the "golden-age lineup". Miyajima also mixed the album.


Damian Hamada's Creatures "Art Museum in Hell"  (魔界美術館)

The Carnival/ Wuthering Heights/ Between the Angel and the Devil/ Tears in the Rainbow/

Paradise Lost Once Again/ Lamia/ Wings in the Demon Castle/ Moonlight/ Art Museum in Hell

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His Majesty Damian Hamada - composition, lyrics, arrangement

Sakura "Ciel" Ishadow: vocals

Hiromi "Rose" Inamasu - harmony vocals, choir

KEN "Aleister" MIYAJIMA - bass, organ, synthesizers, mellotron, choir

Hideki "Gilles" Kuritani - guitars, choir

Masuhiro "Butler" Goto - drums, gong, percussion

Daichi "Rasputin" Takagi - guitars

The third album by Damian Hamada's Creatures is made of re-recording versions of H.M. Damian Hamada's previous solo efforts. Miyajima and members from Kinzoku-Yebis provided more ideas to make the music stronger. It actually made the album more like D.H.C.'s music than H.M. Damian Hamada's solo project. Miyajima played the bass more like Chris Squire who H.M. Damian Hamada had told him not to play like, and eventually H.M. Damian Hamada liked it. Some tunes features analogue mellotron like the band's previous works.


Ban Daisuke and Kinzoku-Yebis "Haru Kureba 2022"  (春くれば2022)

Haru Kureba 2022 (When Spring Comes)/ Main Title/ Go Go Kikaida (Kikaider)/

Haru wa Kuru (Spring Will Come)/ Yomigaere Fushicho! (Come Back Phoenix)/

Haru Kureba 2022 (Karaoke)/ Go Go Kikaida (Karaoke)

Haru wa Kuru (Karaoke)/ Yomigaere Fushicho! (Karaoke)

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Daichi Takagi - guitars, YAMAHA CS-15, Memotron

Hiromi Inamasu - background vocals

KEN MIYAJIMA - mellotron, organ, moog electric piano

Hideki Kuritani - bass, guitars

Masuhiro Goto - drums, percussion

This Album Cerebrates the actor BAN Daisuke's 50 year anniversary and features remakes of "Haru Kureba", "Kikaida Main Title" and "Go Go Kikaida". It also features two new songs by WATANABE Chumei who died 23 Jun 2022 which he worked on a few days before his death. Kinzoku-Yebis did arrangement and rendition on all the songs with vintage and analogue instruments such as Miyajima's Mellotron and moog synthesizer. 


Kinzoku-Yebis 6th album "Kyomu Kairō"  (虚無回廊)

Kyomu Kairō Opening Theme/ Fille Fatale Angela/ Light Trap/

Artificial Existence/ Kyomu Kairō Ending Theme/

A Boy Lost in the Starry Sky/ Godzilla vs King Ghidorah; Main Title/

U-RA-ME-SHI-YA/ ​Pilgrimage

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Daichi Takagi - guitars, synthesizers, "Gaomoog", organ, co-lead vocal

Hiromi Inamasu - vocals

KEN MIYAJIMA - mellotron, Hammond organ, moog and ARP synths, pianos, electric sitar, acoustic 12 string guitar, fretless bass

Hideki Kuritani - bass, guitars

Masuhiro Goto - drums, percussion

Kinzoku-Yebis' fifth full-length studio album. The first half of it consists of five songs based on Sci-Fi writer Sakyo Komatsu's unfinished work "Kyomu Kairō". The other half is made of variety of songs which include Miyajima's composition for which he also wrote the lyrics. The album not only brought back the band's complicated and "Progressive" music but also features some new elements. "A Boy Lost in the Starry Sky" was composed by Takagi being directed by late Chumei Watanabe, a legendary Sci-Fi soundtrack composer who died on 23 Jun 2022. Miyajima also dealt with mixing the album's materials.

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