The Band

PERSONNEL as of 2021:

KEN MIYAJIMA - bass, vocals, organ, mellotron, synths

Shingo Suda - vocals, piano, mellotron, synths, guitars

Ryo Shigemoto - drums, percussion

Taiga Takemoto - guitars


EVIAN - drums, vocals

(2010-2012, 2015)

SUSUMU SAKURAI - vocals, guitars

(2010-2013, 2015, 2019 guest appearance)

YUKI SUZUKI - guitars


MEW - drums, vocals


FUJIYAMA - drums, vocals


YUTARO - guitars, vocals


MASUHIRO GOTO - drums, timpani, percussion


Toru TABE - acoustic guitar on The Serenity

(2019 guest appearance)


The band was formed in 2010 by Ken Miyajima, Susumu Sakurai and Evian based on Miyajima's experience in a Led Zeppelin tribute band The Rover and his being influenced from a rock band Scanch. The band features psychedelic long jam, Ken Miyajima's virtuosity on many instruments like bass, keyboards and mandolin and frequent odd-time signatures. And everything was in 1960-1970s style. The jam often went more than 20 minutes. It was different on every show. After the departure of Evian, Miyajima and Sakurai began working harder on their material in order to make their first album. They were joined by Yuki Suzuki, a band mate of Miyajima while his tenure with Electric Sheep, and a session drummer MEW. With the help of the two, the band finally completed the album. However, all of them have burnt out. Sakurai quit performing on stage. Being tired of the tension between the left members, the band dismissed MEW and replaced him with Fujiyama. In less than half a year, the band fell apart and the finished album didn't make it. Before the split, Miyajima had an offer to join Kinzoku-Yebis, a prog-doom-hard rock band formed in 1996 by Daichi Takagi. It was right after the last gig with MEW. Miyajima at last found it better and more comfortable to focus on Kinzoku-Yebis, so he decided to split Romanesco at the end of 2013. About one year after, Kinzoku-Yebis was to release their third (the first for Miyajima with them) album after 10 years. A friend of Miyajima who chose the name Romanesco, told him "Now's the time to release your past effort.", so he did. The first album made a small but more-than-expected success and it made some members keen on reforming the band. It ended up no fruition but Miyajima Brought in Yutaro and began writing in 2015. More complicated, "progressive", flashy and difficult-to-play-live songs were completed. In return of producing his solo album, Miyajima brought in another member, current Kinzoku-Yebis drummer Masuhiro Goto. With a slight return of Sakurai, and a help from a guitarist Toru Tabe, the second album finally saw the light of day in 2019. In 2021, Miyajima confirmed the return of the band with a new lineup. They are now writing new materials.

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The second album Romanesco!! (2019) and the first album Romanesco! (2015) both are sold as CDs and available on subscription platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.