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Selected Set Lists

Romanesco Mark V (Ken/ Shingo/ Hideki/ Ryotaro)

10, October, 2022



When the Sky is Gone**

Days of Lemonade**

The Syncopation

After It Began (The Song of Rain)*

The Magic Booze (including Artemision*)

* New songs written in 2022 which are intended to be featured

on their third album.

** Songs from Shingo Suda's "Ramune Jidai".


ProgTokyo 2023 Spring

7 May 2023

at 吉祥寺シルバーエレファント


Romanesco x Evraak

Progressive Masala Vol. 1

【配信(ツイキャス・アーカイブ until 12 Mar 2023)】


Romanesco Mark III (Ken/ Yuki/ Fujiyama)

19, October, 2013


Hidden Stars in the Sky*

Red Eyes

Any Colours You Like

Ice Cream

In the Tropic Night (unreleased)**

Medley: Time And A Word (Yes cover)/ Tangerine (Led Zeppelin cover)/ A Flower in My Heart/ The Shoreline/ I Love Everything You Do

The Syncopation***

The Magic Booze

Fireflies' Forest

* It has got nothing to do with the long epics in the second album.

** One of the songs intended to be included in the second album.

*** Included finally in the second album. This song was written circa 2005 by Miyajima and then-bandmate Toshihiro Nomoto when both were in the band CoCoMo, a space jam band formed in 2003. 

Romanesco Mark II (Ken/ Susumu/ Yuki/ MEW)

29, April, 2013


Out of the City*

The Shoreline

Any Colours You Like

I Love Everything You Do

Kozmic Love

A Flower in My Heart

The Magic Booze

Out of the City (reprise)

* Out of the City was written by Miyajima when he was in CoCoMo, a space jam bad formed in 2003. Along with The Shoreline, it was intended to be included in their only album which never saw the light of the day.​

19, May, 2013


Out of the City

Ice Cream


Red Eyes (unreleased song)

She Weaves a Spell on Me

The Magic Booze

**A psychedelic-prog jam named after the venue's name.

Romanesco Mark I (Ken/ Susumu/ Evian)

19, September, 2011


Fireflies's Forest
Ayakashi (unreleased song)*

Any Colours You Like

Would You Laugh Would You Cry

She Weaves a Spell on Me

I Love Everything You Do

Red Eyes (unreleased song)

Ice Cream

Magic Booze

* The piano solo in this song was reworked and used in the second album's song The Hidden Stars in the Sky Part 4.

* This song was discarded but some parts were used in other songs.​​

7, January, 2012: The first full set show


Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)/ Ice Cream

Would You Laugh Would You Cry

Any Colours You Like

I Love Everything You Do

Kozmic Love

Red Eyes (incl. drum solo, 10min long ver.)

A Spell on Me (incl. Mandrake Root, 13min long ver.)

Ayakashi (organ and synth, 13min long ver.)

Medley: Great King Rat (Queen)/ Tangerine (Led Zeppelin)/ Soon (Yes)/ The Shoreline

Fireflies' Forest

Magic Booze (26min long ver.)​

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